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A teamwork approach to divorce

It seems that practically every subject imaginable is searchable on the Internet. Granted, the authorship of the information may not always be authoritative. In some cases, the postings may even be anonymous. Nevertheless, many readers turn to the Internet as a first step in gaining more exposure to an issue or topic. At a minimum, an Internet search might provide context, offering buzzwords or common themes associated with a subject.

Missing child support payments could result in jail time

lthough a divorce agreement is analogous to a contract in some ways, the consequences can be much more severe. Whereas a breach of contract might result in a civil lawsuit, a failure to comply with court-ordered alimony or child support payments might result in jail time.

Former New York Yankees player wanted for back child support

New York readers of this divorce law blog might expect to read about the occasional celebrity divorce. Many famous actors and media figures call New York City home, and in the summer months, Long Island and its beaches also become potential spots for celebrity sightings.

Same-sex divorce offers tax benefits over cohabitation

The U.S. Supreme Court issued two historic decisions this week on the issue of gay marriage. First, the Court invalidated the Defense of Marriage Act as a violation of the Fifth Amendment’s Equal Protection clause. DOMA’s provisions denied federal benefits to gay couples, even those that had obtained legal marriage status in their own states. In a subsequent move, the Court declined to hear an appeal regarding California’s Proposition 8, thereby allowing marriages to resume in that state.

Custody remains central issue in reality TV star's divorce

In January, New York readers may recall that we discussed one reality TV star's divorce. That's when Bethenny Frankel filed for divorce from her husband of three years. At the time of the filing, it appeared that child custody would be a central part of the couple's divorce. Nearly five months later, that has proven to be true.

Purchase of a home now seen as a step towards marriage

There are certain milestones in a person's life that happen in a particular order. For instance, New York residents often go to college before getting their first full-time job. In the past, most couples bought a home after they exchanged wedding vows. However, that trend seems to be waning.

Divorcing same-sex couples can run into problems

The U.S. Supreme Court recently heard arguments on the Defense of Marriage Act. Many people are anxious to hear what the justices will ultimately decide. The outcome could have an impact on same-sex marriage and divorce.

Family law matters can be just as challenging for non-married parents

Most Broome County residents don't spend a lot of time thinking about child custody or alimony. That is often the case until a couple's marriage begins to break down. When couples decide to part ways, child custody, alimony, child support and property division matters become top of mind.

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