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Planning ahead can save post-divorce finances

New York lovers headed for marriage may consider making contingency plans in case of divorce a bad omen, but the simple truth is that a substantial percentage of marriages end in divorce. Planning can limit acrimony and prove beneficial in ways unrelated to marital dissolution.

Planning for post-divorce finances is key

For New Yorkers in the midst of divorce litigation, reaching the final agreement regarding property and custodial arrangements is a red-letter day that feels like a finish line. The signed divorce decree does set out how things are to be divided, but the court order doesn't actually complete the plan. The judge gives marching orders, but the parties must carry them out. In order to fully implement the plan and protect oneself financially, there are a few key steps someone must take before reaching the actual divorce finish line.

How divorce impacts a person's housing situation

Those who have just gotten a divorce may not think that where they live is a big decision. However, it can have a significant impact on a person's life. For instance, choosing to live in New York could have different financial consequences than living elsewhere. Choosing where to live immediately after a divorce could also have emotional and other consequences that an individual may need to consider.

Common factors that contribute to divorce

In New York, divorces are unfortunately common. People that are getting ready to get married normally do not do so with the idea that their marriages will fail. Individuals who have gotten divorced cite several common reasons for the end of their marriages. By understanding these factors, people might be able to take steps to help prevent their own marriages from ending in divorce.

Holidays, divorce and children

Parents in New York who are getting a divorce may need to think about how they will spend the holidays. The holidays can be a difficult time for a single parent, particularly in the first year or two after the divorce. However, it is important for a parent to keep the focus on the children because it can be even more difficult for them. There are several ways that separated parents can reassure their kids.

How financial planners view gray divorce

The challenges facing you when you get a divorce after the age of 50 can be significantly different from a young couple with few assets. After all, you have likely spent twenty to thirty years investing in retirement plans, paying off the mortgage and perhaps collecting some fine wine for your cellar.

Actor Howard's divorce settlement with 2nd wife overturned

Ideally, divorcing spouses would not have to go to court to settle matters such as child custody, spousal maintenance and property division. Divorce litigation is a fact of life, however, and sometimes legal disputes continue well after the divorce is finalized.

Can grandparents receive visitation rights in New York?

Child custody and visitation disputes can arise in all different sorts of contexts. When one thinks of such disputes, one probably thinks of battles between recently divorced or separated parents. However, parents are not the only ones who may find themselves fighting for the right to spend time with a child, so too may a child's grandparents.

Child custody terms can cover many things

Recently, the divorce between celebrities Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony became official. The former couple has two minor children (6-year-old twins) and the terms of the divorce contain many terms regarding child custody. The terms illustrate how child custody arrangements can touch on many things.

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