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Infidelity, substance abuse and money woes motivate many divorces

Many issues drive New York spouses to get divorced. Poor communication skills, lack of commitment, health problems and domestic violence end many marriages. Extramarital affairs, drinking, drug use or financial stress represent some other common reasons for divorce. In one survey, infidelity and substance abuse emerged as "final straws" that forced people to end their relationships.

Study examines effects of illness on a marriage

When women in New York develop cancer, heart disease or other serious health conditions, their divorce risk goes up. According to a 2015 study that appeared in "The Journal of Health and Social Behavior," the same divorce risk is not shared by men who suffer from health problems.

How social attractiveness could affect a relationship

For people in New York beginning a relationship, physical attraction to a new partner may be one of the most compelling aspects that bring two people together. However, some couples have wide differences in their levels of attractiveness, at least insofar as they are perceived by others. While people have widely variant understandings of which traits are the most physically attractive, social standards of beauty may have a significant impact on how people are treated in romantic relationships. Several researchers have conducted studies to examine how an attractiveness gap may affect the happiness or longevity of a relationship.

Saving on taxes after divorce

Individuals in New York who have recently been divorced could see their tax deductions drop dramatically. While marriage does include a lot of nice tax breaks, it's possible for divorcees to save money by filing as a head of household instead of as single.

Certain traits may lead to divorce

No one is perfect, and a person's bad habits can play a role in straining or ultimately ending his or her marriage. However, there are certain personality traits that may predict whether a couple in New York or elsewhere is likely to get divorced. For instance, if one or both parties to a marriage tend to dramatize small events, it can become a problem in a relationship.

Student loan burdens can lead to divorce

Student loan debt imposes a crushing burden on lots of New Yorkers, especially millennials. While many people are aware of the devastating impact educational debt can have on a borrower's financial well-being, fewer may recognize the role that it can play in undermining marriages. Financial disputes are among the most common reasons for marital problems, and the substantial burden of student loan debt is often no exception, according to one recent survey by Student Loan Hero.

Preparing for post-divorce financial planning

When people in New York decide to divorce, the financial repercussions can be significant. While every divorce is unique and carries its own characteristics, there are a few universal principles that can help future exes avoid costly oversights or errors during the process. The post-divorce period can also bring a number of changes in lifestyle.

Documentary looks at child support, African-American fathers

Some New York fathers who fall behind on child support and lose touch with their children may do so because of a lack of money and an inability to navigate the system and not because they do not care. A documentary looks at how African-American fathers are disproportionately harmed by aspects of the child support system.

Financial challenges can accompany divorce over 50

Divorcing past the age of 50 can have a major impact on the economic well-being of spouses in New York and across the country. While the financial impacts of divorce can outstrip the emotional concerns for people facing the end of a marriage at any stage of life, these issues can be exacerbated among couples who make the decision to divorce later in life. This is particularly the case as the two spouses have significantly less time to stage a financial recovery from the expenses and asset division that accompany divorce. Retirement funds that were accumulated to provide for both spouses in one household will now need to be divided and support two separate lives and the mounting expenses that accompany them.

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