Orders issued in New York divorces and other family court matters reflect the circumstances prevailing at the time. It is common for changes in people's lives in the following years to justify modifications of those orders, and there are clearly established procedures for obtaining such modifications. In other cases, it is necessary to take legal action to compel a noncompliant ex-spouse to obey existing orders.

Skilled Representation When Circumstances Change After Divorce

I am Lauren S. Cohen, a local attorney you can turn to with confidence if you have concerns involving the modification or enforcement of a family court order. Applying 4 years of experience, I am adept at evaluating the facts of each unique family law case and projecting its likelihood of success. My knowledge and capabilities cover:

  • Modifications of child support and/or spousal maintenance due to material changes in circumstances such as job loss, serious medical issues or identification of children's special needs
  • Modifications of child custody and visitation when existing orders no longer serve children's best interests, often due to suspected abuse, neglect or other serious issues in either parent's home
  • Parental move-away plans and child relocation cases that may be disputed or make modifications necessary
  • The full range of actions available to enforce existing orders and stipulations of settlements, including holding the responsible party in contempt of court for nonpayment of child support or spousal maintenance

For many, once the ink has dried on their divorce documents, they hope to never revisit that period of their lives ever again. However, as mentioned, circumstances change and it's important to confront these social, familial, financial and legal realities with help from an experienced lawyer. Instead of ignoring these and other post-divorce issues, take the time to reach out and achieve the peace of mind that comes with obtaining clear, compassionate counsel.

Learn Your Legal Options From A Caring, Responsive Lawyer

Prompt action to get qualified counsel is often critical when major changes occur after divorce. It is important to know that modifications are never retroactive and so, for example, back-due child support obligations cannot be eliminated. If your children's well-being is on the line, there is certainly no time to lose.

If you need advice from a Binghamton area child support modification lawyer or have questions about another family law issue such as alimony enforcement, I invite you to contact me now. Call 607-798-0088 or send me an email to request a consultation focused on your needs.

There is a modest consultation fee for divorce and family law matters.