Loving relationships with grandparents are often among the most important bonds in children's lives. Unfortunately, tragic events, family disputes and estrangement sometimes create situations in which grandparents are denied access to grandchildren entirely or have their time with them severely limited. New York law does recognize and support some rights of grandparents.

At Cohen Law, I help grandparents and others in Broome County and surrounding areas understand their rights, assert those rights and build loving, meaningful relationships with the children in their lives.

Experienced, Knowledgeable Counsel On Complex Custody And Visitation Matters

If you are a natural or adoptive grandparent with questions about your legal standing to pursue grandchild visitation or custody, I am here to help. As an experienced Binghamton, New York, grandparents' rights attorney, I will analyze your unique family circumstances and provide honest, clear legal guidance. If we agree that an action in a New York family court is justified and necessary, I will work rigorously to prepare and present the best case possible for you.

Key questions to consider in your case may include:

  • Are both parents alive and active in your grandchild's life?
  • Do you have an established relationship with the child that has now been disrupted — and, if so, what are the reasons given by parents for not supporting that relationship?
  • Do you know or believe that there are serious issues of abuse or neglect in your grandchild's home?
  • Can we persuade the court that it is in the child's best interests to issue an enforceable order for regular visitation or custody?

Speak With A Caring, Accomplished Lawyer

I approach all family law matters with sensitivity and balance, recognizing how vitally important the relationships involved are to my clients. I am also an aggressive advocate and proven trial lawyer with more almost 35 years of experience in New York courts.

For a consultation on your grandparents' rights issue or another family law concern, contact me, Lauren S. Cohen, by calling my Binghamton or Johnson City offices at 607-798-0088 or via email by completing an online contact form.

There is a modest consultation fee for divorce and family law matters.