If you and your spouse are considering filing for divorce, you may have already consulted a friend or family member whom you trust for advice. That's great, and I recommend that you have a good support network you can rely on during this important life change.

However, while your friends and family members may have offered some helpful advice, the fact is that his or her experience is going to be very different from what you're going through. Every divorce is unique, which means that you need someone with the knowledge and skill required to help you navigate this journey with confidence.

A Local Divorce And Family Law Practice Committed To You

At Cohen Law, I have been working with divorcing couples in the Binghamton area for over 40 years. In that time, I have handled everything from straightforward uncontested cases to incredibly contentious, complex cases and everything in between. I've seen it all.

When you reach out to me, I will personally provide you with the clear advice and intelligent representation you need to move through your divorce or other family law matter as quickly, quietly and efficiently as possible.

Some other benefits to working with my firm include:

  • You gain confidence through my experience: When going through divorce, you want to work with a lawyer who knows how to resolve all types of divorce issues. I have handled countless family law cases involving people from all walks of life. It's this breadth of experience that informs my personal approach to helping you understand what you're facing and guide you toward a better life post-divorce.
  • You won't go through the process alone: A divorce can be an intimidating and isolating experience. Instead of trying to resolve it on your own, I will stand by your side from start to finish and beyond. With a proven legal advocate at your side, you will feel better knowing you are backed by a professional who has your interests in mind.
  • You will have a strong advocate no matter how challenging your case: Some divorce cases are easier to resolve than others. Similarly, some attorneys are more comfortable handling certain types of cases. At my firm, I have handled all types of cases and can guide you toward the most effective resolution regardless of complexity. You can count on me to handle your case with conviction.
  • You will start your post-divorce life knowing you are well-protected: Life doesn't stop after a divorce. For many, it's a new beginning. Although I'm here to help you through the rough spots, I'm also here for you tomorrow and years after your divorce is finalized. If you need advice or representation for a future matter, you can turn to me for help. I will always be here for you. I recognize the importance of promptly responding to your questions and concerns. As a general rule, all phone calls and emails will be responded to within 24 hours.
  • You will always work directly with me.

Take A Moment To Learn More About My Divorce Law Firm

When you're faced with the end of your marriage, contact me, Lauren S. Cohen, at 607-798-0088 or by completing an online contact form. From my offices in Johnson City and Binghamton, I work with clients throughout the Southern Tier region of New York.

There is a modest consultation fee for divorce and family law matters.