When working with people going through divorce, there are some common questions that I answer in nearly every case, including: How much am I going to pay or receive in alimony? Although most want a simple, easy answer, the fact is that like each couple's relationship, the circumstances surrounding divorce and alimony are different.

I Can Help You Protect Your Rights And Interests During Divorce Proceedings

At my firm, Cohen Law, I guide individuals and families in the Binghamton area through all aspects of their divorce proceedings. Some important issues to address include spousal support and spousal maintenance, or often collectively referred to as alimony.

Spousal maintenance is paid after a divorce and spousal support is paid from one spouse to the other while the couple is still married. There are nuanced factors that play into each type of support that I can explain in detail when we work together, including whether you qualify, time limits and proposed support amounts.

As the law pertains to spousal maintenance, some issues the court will consider before determining an award include:

  • The length or duration of the marriage (shorter marriages typically result in shorter maintenance durations)
  • The health and age of each spouse
  • The present and long-term income-earning abilities of both parties
  • Each spouse's share of the marital property and assets
  • The need for one spouse to take on additional training or education post-divorce
  • Any actions taken by one spouse to limit the other's earning capacity
  • Child custody arrangements (noncustodial parents who are paying child support typically have to pay less maintenance)
  • Exceptional expenses incurred by caring for the children
  • Tax consequences
  • The division of marital property
  • Other factors the courts deem appropriate to determining the amount of support

Instead of attempting to assert your case alone, allow me to put my 40 years of divorce and family law experience to work for you. I can help you think about the long-term financial toll a divorce will take on you because I've seen the effects firsthand. By working together one-on-one, we can develop a strategy that accounts for both your immediate and future financial needs.

Reach Out, Schedule A Consultation And Let A Lawyer Get To Work For You

To learn more about your rights during divorce, reach out to me, attorney Lauren S. Cohen, by calling 607-798-0088 or by sending an email via an online contact form. From my offices in Johnson City and Binghamton, I work with clients throughout the Southern Tier of New York.

There is a modest consultation fee for Divorce/Family Law matters.