Chris from Binghamton Recommends Lauren S. Cohen

When you need a lawyer you need a good lawyer. You need an experienced attorney that is savvy. You don't want someone who is just there to go through the legal paperwork but a strategist that will hear your case, give you the personalized representation that you need, and be there fighting in the trenches with you.

Make no mistake about it, when it is time to get a lawyer it's because you are about to be in for the struggle of your life. I know, I retained Lauren Cohen for a complex divorce and a long custody fight. As a client, and importantly as a father trying to make sure I was as much a part of my daughter's life as possible, hiring Lauren Cohen was the best decision I made, and it will be one of the best decisions you can make.

While some results are not typical, Lauren is not a typical lawyer. She cares about your case, she is sensitive to your financial circumstances, and in trial she is so aggressive that you will be happy she is your lawyer and not the lawyer you have to face.

I highly recommend sitting down immediately with Lauren Cohen. Don't wait, and don't waste money on other attorneys that will tell you what you want to hear. This is the lawyer that will tell you what you need to know and absolutely help you sort out this complicated time in your life.

– Chris from Binghamton