Brittany H. Recommends Lauren S. Cohen

From the moment I sat down with Ms. Cohen, as a scared new mother, I knew she was the way to go. Lauren Cohen is highly knowledgeable and educated on family law. She was always solicitous about the best interests and welfare for my son. Ms. Cohen has represented me for 17 months, and throughout that time she has worked timelessly on our case while carrying a full workload. Ms. Cohen has promptly returned every panicked phone call, email, and question with sensible recommendations. I have been deeply impressed with Ms. Cohen's ability to understand my wishes and point of view, while still encouraging me to consider solutions most suitable for my situation. Ms. Cohen is dedicated to her work, and exceeded all expectations. I truly believe most lawyers would have treated my case like another “paper in the stack,” but Ms. Cohen showed empathy, and a genuine desire to seek a positive outcome for my son and I. Our family is forever grateful to have her in our corner. It is truly because of Ms.Cohen, that after the hardest fight of a mother's life, I now see the brightest future for my son. Thank you will never cover all she has done. I recommend Ms. Cohen to anyone who wants a lawyer who will fight for you, fight for what is ethically right, and stand in your corner.

– Brittany H.