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Study: Many U.S. households see significant income swings

Households can vary greatly in their income situation. Some see fairly steady income year to year. Others have a more volatile income situation, with income shifting quite a bit from one year to the next. A recent study indicates that there are a fair number of Americans who fall into the latter group.

One state puts novel laws regarding pets and divorce in place

Each state has its own divorce laws. So, changes in one state’s divorce laws generally do not directly affect what divorce in another state is like. However, it can still be worth keeping an eye out on what sorts of changes other states are making when it comes to divorce. For one, they can point to larger legal trends that are occurring on a given divorce issue. Also, a change in one state might eventually lead to other states considering a similar change.

Gray divorces and having the full financial picture

Divorcing couples vary greatly in their circumstances. This includes in how long they’ve been married. Some couples end up entering a divorce after decades of being married. This is a situation many divorces of older couples, sometimes referred to as gray divorces, can involve.

Taking digital precautions when divorcing

Divorce negotiations can be incredibly complex proceedings. All manner of things can have the potential to play a role in such negotiations. In today’s digital world, this includes digital data, such as a person’s social media activity or their electronic communications. There are situations in which such data might potentially touch on some of the key issues in the divorce, like property division or child custody.

What issues are commonly fought over in gray divorces?

Divorces of older couples have become a more and more common thing here in the United States. Sometimes, such “gray” divorces involve some pretty significant disputes. While disputes can come up in divorces of couples of any age, what age a couple is can impact what issues could be particularly likely to be the focus-points of disputes. This is because a divorcing person’s age can impact what their big priorities, concerns and worries are in a divorce.

The dangers of comparing divorce settlements

It is human nature to compare ourselves to others. Among the situations in which this instinct can raise its head is in a divorce. For example, when a divorcing individual is negotiating a financial settlement with their ex or just reached such a settlement, they may be tempted to look to the divorce settlements their friends or family members have gotten in the past as benchmarks for whether they are getting or have gotten a “good deal.”

Divorce and regrets

In the wake of an event that changes one’s life in fundamental ways, a person may feel some regrets. One event that can be particularly life-changing is a divorce.

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