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Child visitation and concerns about safety

In some cases, a separated or divorced parent may be worried about the safety of their kid with the other parent. While New York courts usually take these concerns seriously, they also want to be certain that the allegations are true. Therefore, they will generally conduct an investigation.

Custody and support issues often difficult for parents

When parents in New York decide to separate or divorce, it can be particularly difficult to move from full-time parenting to sharing the parenting time with an ex. While some couples are able to negotiate a balanced solution fairly easily, people with a more contentious relationship may see their discussions degenerate into a battle over custody time. Both mothers and fathers often feel unheard in family court; while mothers may feel their real concerns aren't taken seriously, fathers often worry that they are victims of gender bias in court.

The perks of a shared custody order

Parents in New York and throughout the country could benefit in many ways by sharing custody of their kids. For instance, the other parent can help pay for school supplies, clothes and any other childcare expenses that come up. The other parent can also make it easier for a person to spend some time on their own, which could be helpful from a professional and social standpoint.

Visitation agreements and custody modifications in New York

Child custody and court-ordered visitations are important because children typically have needs and rights to be able to maintain healthy relationships with both parents. In many cases, parents can discuss concerns one has with the other's parenting style or household rules, and the two might come to an agreement between themselves. If the relationship is not on decent terms, trying to communicate may not work.

Creating a workable parenting schedule after divorce

There are a number of ways that separated parents in New York can approach creating a parenting schedule that will work for everyone involved. Parents should start by thinking about how the situation looks for their children and what they stand to gain or lose.

3 tips for guaranteeing holiday time with the grandkids

Divorce is hard on everyone in the family when children are involved. For grandparents, it can feel like you’re losing time with your grandkids due to split custody. This can be especially prominent during the holidays. Previous family traditions may be put aside as the parents work out a holiday schedule that is equitable for them.

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