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Is alternative dispute resolution a possibility for my divorce?

When it comes to divorce, most people immediately think of high-stakes conflict and nasty, drawn-out courtroom battles. However, not all couples go through traumatic divorces, and many are even able to find harmonious solutions despite a fraught situation.

Grandparents and child visitation post-divorce

Divorce is increasingly common in today's social landscape, and lots of emphasis and attention is rightfully placed upon the best interests of children. Child custody is a primary issue for divorcing couples and sometimes becomes very contentious. However, often overlooked in the child custody and visitation scenario are the children's grandparents. 

Consider filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy before your divorce

Unfortunately, financial problems in your marriage may be leading to a divorce. Money problems and marital difficulties often go hand in hand. If your financial calamity is causing your marriage to end, you may be wondering about the logistics of filing for bankruptcy along with divorce. 

Social media and divorce: What you should not do

If you are getting ready to file for divorce in New York, you may feel tempted to share the news with your friends and family online. Though you are not putting the most intimate details of your relationship on social media, your online activity could derail your divorce case. 

How to reduce conflict in your divorce

Divorce, by its very nature, is a conflictual event. Two people decide they wish to dissolve their marriage, or, in many cases, one person makes that decision and the other person must cope with the fallout from it. This is one of those life situations that is ripe for anger, discord and open arguments.

Grandparents’ visitation rights, under limited circumstances

New York grandparents can get court ordered visitation with their grandkids, but only under certain situations, or even uncertain situations. The statutory scheme allowing for a court to interfere in a parent’s decision to not allow visitation is not overly clear.

How does divorce affect kids’ health?

It's always stressful to consider divorce as the next step of your marital relationship. Many parents actually try to avoid divorce until the children have left for college or moved out to spare additional upheaval. However, staying together for the sake of the children may not always be the best option for you or them. But new research is indicating that the harmful effects of divorce are not just limited to emotional distress. What should you do?

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