How to find an experienced adoption attorney

Posted by Lauren S. CohenMar 07, 20220 Comments

Like many families seeking to adopt a child, you are likely unsure how to get the process started. You may have heard horror stories from acquaintances or on the news and feel wary of adoption agencies.

One way to protect your own interests, and your heartstrings, as you embark upon adopting a child is to find an experienced adoption attorney that you can trust. Here are tips to help you find a lawyer to assist you during this tumultuous time.

1. Ask for referrals

If you have friends or family who adopted a child in recent years, ask about their experience with the process. Inquire about whether they felt satisfied with their attorney's services. If so, ask for the name of the attorney. In the event the family did not care for the legal help they received, ask why and if they have any advice on what you should look for in an attorney.

2. Do your research

Check out adoption forums online and look into several potential lawyers that come recommended on the sites you reviewed. Seek testimonials on the attorneys' websites and then set up meetings with at least three candidates. At the meetings, ask each lawyer the same questions, and then make a decision based on their experience and how comfortable he or she makes you feel.

Anyone who has adopted a child will tell you that it is a bumpy ride. Expect those ups and downs and consider finding an attorney who will weather them with your family.