How an attorney can protect your interests as a parent

Posted by Lauren S. CohenJan 30, 20210 Comments

When it comes to divorce, parents find themselves facing unexpected legal issues regarding child custody, parenting plans, etc. Though circumstances may arise where one or both parents encounter changes that require them to go their separate ways, their relationship and parental obligations remain intact. 

If you are in the process of filing for divorce or splitting from your long-time partner, you must consider all that is at stake, especially if you have children. To avoid challenges that infringe on your parental rights and interests, consider the following benefits of having a family law attorney on your side. 


Much of divorce involves negotiating favorable terms. The laws regarding marital property and parental rights are complex. Parents who lack the right resources and knowledge risk unfavorable terms in their divorce settlements. An attorney's expertise and knowledge can help cover all bases to protect the interests of the parent he or she represents and their children. 

Child custody and parenting disagreements

Much of what happens in regard to custody and parenting children involves the parents. It is in the best interests of everyone for both sides to collaborate carefully to avoid disagreements and contentious issues that inevitable delay or cause a breakdown in the divorce proceedings. Sometimes disputes are unavoidable or one parent refuses to act respectfully or cooperate. An attorney is a third-party representative who works to get his or her client the most favorable outcome for their situation. That includes stepping in and resolving child custody and parenting time conflicts. 

It is necessary to hire an attorney for divorce or family law matters, but the benefits of doing so far outweigh the cons. Their expertise is crucial when it comes to navigating through divorce and child custody concerns.