Three factors that indicate a marriage is headed for divorce

Posted by Lauren S. CohenOct 15, 20190 Comments

Counseling has helped some New York couples save their marriage. Other couples decide that divorce is their best option. Most who have decided to go the route of divorce will say that it was not an easy decision, especially since there is usually not one single factor that caused the marriage to fail. There are usually red flags that show a marriage is heading toward its end.

Some couples decide that they will stay together because they think it is best for their children despite the fact that they have an unhealthy, combative, or disrespectful relationship. While divorce is not necessarily the solution, it is usually inevitable after the kids grow up and leave home if each partner does not work on the marriage in the meantime. There should be more to a couple's relationship than just the children.

In some relationships, there comes a point when each individual starts to live their own life. They may not feel connected to each other despite the fact that they live in the same house. If a person makes decisions, especially big ones, without taking their partner into consideration or they simply do not care what the other person will think, this is a serious red flag and could indicate that divorce is in the couple's future.

A respectful relationship involves avoiding doing things that would hurt the other person. When a couple no longer has respect for each other, their marriage is in danger. This may include a person doing something that the other person has clearly said they did not want, or it could mean making life-altering decisions without discussing them with the other person.

There are many factors that lead to divorce. Before a person decides if it is right for them, they may want to speak with an attorney. An attorney may be able to help the individual draw up divorce papers and provide legal advice regarding spousal support, child support and other matters.