Grey Divorce is a Growing Trend in America

Posted by Lauren S. CohenMar 04, 20190 Comments

In New York, a trend called “grey divorce” has been steadily growing. A grey divorce refers to an older couple who files for divorce after many years of marriage. Statistics show that more couples in their 50s are getting divorced. Synonyms for the term “grey divorcees” include “silver splitters” and “diamond splitters.” The terms refer to older couples with grey or white hair.

Financial difficulties often play a key role. A married couple experiencing debts and low earnings for many years are in a perpetual state of conflict. Money problems usually lead to arguments. Couples grow weary of the constant bickering and finally decide to get divorced. But grey divorces also occur when one spouse earns most of the money and makes every financial decision. The other spouse may feel left out and isolated. Another problem is when a wife starts earning more money than her husband.

Falling out of love is another reason for getting a grey divorce. The marital partners have lost the initial romance that prompted them to get married. A couple in this situation may decide to wait until their children are in college before they file for divorce. Since the couple no longer feels connected, divorce seems like the right answer. Additionally, infidelity often plays a role. Adultery is a common occurrence in contemporary society. An older married man experiencing a midlife crisis is especially vulnerable to the idea of having an affair with a much younger woman.

Couples who have lived together for 20 or 30 years may need to consult with an attorney before they get divorced. An older individual contemplating a late-in-life divorce might benefit from contacting an experienced divorce lawyer.