Infidelity, substance abuse and money woes motivate many divorces

Posted by Lauren S. CohenFeb 04, 20190 Comments

Many issues drive New York spouses to get divorced. Poor communication skills, lack of commitment, health problems and domestic violence end many marriages. Extramarital affairs, drinking, drug use or financial stress represent some other common reasons for divorce. In one survey, infidelity and substance abuse emerged as “final straws” that forced people to end their relationships.

Divorce survey responses collected by the National Center for Biotechnology Information indicated that 59.6 percent of splits arose from infidelity. People viewed the extramarital affairs as evidence that their relationships had reached an end.

Substance abuse contributed to 34.6 percent of the divorces tracked by the survey. In 33.3 percent of those cases, both partners recognized that substance abuse influenced their marital relationships.

Money problems afflicted 36.1 percent of the marriages that ended in divorce. Most respondents did not feel that money was the sole cause for their divorces, but financial hardship or disagreements produced stress that made everything more difficult within the relationship.

A person who desires a divorce will need to make many financial decisions during the process. The former spouses will need to divide their assets/debts and possibly establish child support or spousal support payments. If two spouses cannot come to reasonable terms concerning these issues, then a judge will aim to settle the divorce. The advice of an attorney could help a person manage negotiations with a former partner before litigation becomes necessary. Legal counsel could describe how income, expenses and custody influence child support payments or alimony. This information could prepare a soon-to-be ex to make informed decisions and fair compromises.