Certain traits may lead to divorce

Posted by Lauren S. CohenOct 15, 20180 Comments

No one is perfect, and a person's bad habits can play a role in straining or ultimately ending his or her marriage. However, there are certain personality traits that may predict whether a couple in New York or elsewhere is likely to get divorced. For instance, if one or both parties to a marriage tend to dramatize small events, it can become a problem in a relationship.

Ironically, being a caregiver in a relationship can be a sign that it could be doomed to fail. This is because when someone provides care in an excessive fashion, it is usually an attempt to exert control over a partner. It can also be a way for one person to imply that the other person isn't valuable. It is also a good thing for couples to have arguments from time to time as it can work to improve communication within the relationship.

Failing to argue can lead to issues festering and one person remaining unhappy. Those who are emotionally insecure may try to find validation outside of their relationships. This can lead to cheating on a partner, which is generally seen as a violation of that partner's trust. Infidelity may be more likely to occur when the relationship matures and becomes less exciting than it was in the beginning.

Those who choose to end their marriage may find themselves in a dispute regarding property division or other issues. It may be in a person's best interests to hire an attorney to help resolve the problem. Doing so may make it possible to resolve it in a civil manner that may allow individuals to preserve their relationships with other. Mediation or arbitration may be preferable to litigation for those who have kids or otherwise prefer a less stressful resolution tactic.