The perks of a shared custody order

Posted by Lauren S. CohenSep 17, 20180 Comments

Parents in New York and throughout the country could benefit in many ways by sharing custody of their kids. For instance, the other parent can help pay for school supplies, clothes and any other childcare expenses that come up. The other parent can also make it easier for a person to spend some time on their own, which could be helpful from a professional and social standpoint.

Those who are looking to date again can feel good knowing that they are able to meet other people without neglecting their children. It can also make it easier to stay late at work on certain days or spend more time getting a degree or completing a certification program. Getting an education could make it possible to earn more at work or progress farther in a career. In some cases, having alone time can help a parent recharge or simply engage in their own interests for a day or two.

Spending time away from the kids can help parents appreciate the time that they do get to spend with them. Furthermore, it could help the children appreciate what their parents do for them as they have a chance to interact on a deeper level with both of them. Ideally, parents will encourage their children to have relationships with the other parent.

The best interests of the child are the top priority when creating a custody arrangement regardless of how it is done. Therefore, parents may be obligated to share custody regardless of their opinion on the matter. Generally speaking, both parents have rights to the child unless it puts the child in danger of physical abuse or neglect. An attorney may be able to help a parent obtain custody or other rights to his or her children.