3 reasons men might need spousal support

Posted by Lauren S. CohenJul 16, 20180 Comments

There is a cultural revolution underway, calling into question many of the assumptions that have defined gender roles for decades. This progress has benefitted women greatly, but men have also been freed from many of the outdated pressures of being breadwinners solely because of their gender. In turn, there has been an increase in the number of men seeking alimony support after a divorce.

According to Time, only 3 percent of alimony recipients are men. Needless to say, however, men might need spousal support just as much as any woman. The following are three potential reasons men going through a divorce should consider requesting alimony from their spouse.

1. Put career on hold

Stereotypical marriage dynamics see a woman putting her career on hold to support her husband or start a family. Frequently, though, a man does the same thing. The husband might delay his own career aspirations or take a break from his education while his wife pursues her own professional aspirations. In such cases, alimony can help him re-establish himself professionally to re-enter the job market.

2. Cannot support lifestyle

Sometimes, there is an established standard of living during a marriage that one spouse cannot single-handedly sustain. If a wife makes an income that established this lifestyle and then there is a divorce, the husband may seek alimony in order to sustain the standard of living he grew accustomed to. In such cases, spousal support may be temporary, to allow for the transition of the divorce.

3. Recipient is dependent

One of the most common reasons for alimony is the recipient's financial dependence on the other spouse. In such cases, it can be necessary for a judge to award alimony for a temporary or permanent period of time. Of course, plenty of men are financially dependent on their wives, so it stands to reason that men in this situation should consider requesting spousal support.