Divorce is a time to quit social media

Posted by Lauren S. CohenMay 09, 20180 Comments

Social media has had a profound impact on people's lives. In fact, it can play a role in people's marriages. Research suggests many couples fight over how much time one or both partners spend on Facebook, and many people end up hiding their passwords to these accounts from their partners. 

In the event a marriage ends in divorce, both spouses will need to hire attorneys and figure out how to divide assets. This is stressful on its own, and you should not give yourself any more stress by being active on social media during this time. It will be bad for you emotionally, and you may even end up incriminating yourself. 

It can produce negative emotions

Regardless of the reason why you and your spouse decided to separate, you will naturally feel torn about it. Scrolling through your Facebook feed and seeing happy couples post pictures of their vacation may make you feel bad about how your relationship turned out. Plenty of people divorce, and you are certainly not alone. The problem with social media is that people tend to show off the best aspects of their lives. The grass is greener in a sense. You should not worry about other people's relationships. Instead, you should focus on your own mental health. Schedule times to hang out with friends and actually get a chance to talk with people face-to-face. 

You might post incriminating evidence

You need to be careful regarding what you spend your money on through the divorce process, especially if you and your spouse still have a joint bank account. You may not bring up these expenses in court, but the other side may present pictures of a shopping spree you had as evidence. The judge will need to decide if these new assets count as marital property. If they do, then you may end up needing to split them with your ex.