Tips for an uncontested divorce

Posted by Lauren S. CohenMar 13, 20180 Comments

The number of marriages that end in divorce is actually lower in New York than a majority of the rest of the country. As of 2016, New York's divorce rate was the lowest is has been in 35 years. 

Many couples hope for an uncontested divorce. This occurs when both partners agree on everything from child custody to asset division. It certainly makes the process simpler, but there are a few things to keep in mind even if you and your ex are still amicable toward one another. 

Be a little skeptical

Even if you still trust your spouse for the most part, you always want to conduct your own independent research. The last thing you want to do is agree to assume part of your spouse's debts only to discover there are a lot more debts than you realize. Your partner should not have a problem with your lawyer going through everything to ensure accuracy. 

Go through mediation

Uncontested divorces are rare. The reason is that it is unlikely both partners will agree on absolutely everything. This is why both parties still need to retain lawyers so that they know if they overlooked something. In this instance, it may be in both people's best interest to seek out a mediator's assistance. Early mediation can help the two of you resolve any problems before going to court, saving both of you a lot of money. 

Retain an attorney's services

Divorce is an expensive process no matter what. Many people want to save money by representing themselves. This may seem like a good option, especially during an uncontested divorce where you should agree on everything. However, having a lawyer by your side is an invaluable resource. Your attorney will ensure the language in all documents is clear and accurate. A lawyer will also help you in the event you discover there is an issue you and your spouse do not agree on.