Holidays, divorce and children

Posted by Lauren S. CohenDec 13, 20170 Comments

Parents in New York who are getting a divorce may need to think about how they will spend the holidays. The holidays can be a difficult time for a single parent, particularly in the first year or two after the divorce. However, it is important for a parent to keep the focus on the children because it can be even more difficult for them. There are several ways that separated parents can reassure their kids.

It is important to not try to smooth over the situation with extravagant gifts. Furthermore, a parent should not badmouth the other parent during this time. New holiday traditions can be created in place of the old ones. Parents who are unable to be with their children at this time should spend time with friends and family.

The end of a marriage is a painful time, but it does get better for many people. In the meantime, parents should focus on a plan for the holiday and be flexible about the ex's needs for the sake of the children.

The plan for holidays might be part of a legal custody and visitation agreement, or parents could make a more informal agreement when they put together their parenting plan. As with other aspects of custody and visitation, decisions about how to handle the holidays should be made with the best interests of the child in mind. Parents should try to avoid returning to court to deal with issues over holidays. It is generally better to work out these kinds of conflicts via a lawyer without going to court as a judge may look negatively on parents who refuse to cooperate.