A child’s time with the other parent post-divorce

Posted by Lauren S. CohenMar 24, 20170 Comments

When it comes to the period after a divorce, there are many things about the behavior of a parent that can have major impacts on them, their children and their ex. This includes how they act in regards to the time their kids spend with their ex. 

For one, how a parent makes their child feel about time spent with the other parent can matter considerably. If a parent makes their child feel guilty about such visits, it could interfere with a child being able to have strong relationships with both of their parents. Now, it is possible for a parent to be instilling this sort of guilt in their child without even realizing that they are doing it. So, it can be very important for a divorced parent to exercise care when it comes to how they act towards their kid when it comes to their kid's time with the other parent and to be mindful that how they act could impact their child's emotional experience.

Another thing that can be very impactful is when a parent doesn't comply with the terms reached in the divorce when it comes to the splitting of time with the kids between the two parents. When a parent violates such terms, such as by keeping the other parent from getting agreed-to visiting time with the children, it can heavily impact their children and the other parent. It could also expose the parent who committed the violation to a complex legal situation.

Violations of such terms are another thing it is possible for a parent to inadvertently fall into. For example, a parent might be prone to unintentionally violating such terms if they don't have an accurate understanding of what these terms require of them. So, when reaching child custody and visitation terms in a divorce, it can be very important for both parents to have a firm understanding of what obligations and rights they would have under the terms that are being considered. Skilled family law attorneys can help individuals with staying properly informed during the course of child custody and visitation matters.

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