Getting advice on what not to do in your divorce

Posted by Lauren S. CohenFeb 06, 20170 Comments

When a couple is divorcing, whether the couple is an opposite-sex couple or a same-sex couple, a diverse range of major issues can come up during their divorce. These issues can regard fundamental things like their finances and their kids.

Given how impactful these issues can end up being, one thing a divorcing person may be quite worried about is making mistakes or missteps when it comes to these issues. So, one of the big questions a person who is divorcing from a same-sex or opposite-sex spouse may have is: What things should I stay away from in the divorce?

There are quite a few kinds of conduct, including certain conduct regarding the kids, marital property, what one does to cope with the divorce, what one says and what one does in response to the emotions of the divorce, that can be problematic in a divorce. Such conduct could make the divorce more complicated than it has to be and be damaging to a divorcing person's interests and their family's interests. Our website notes some of the general “don'ts” of a divorce.

Now, each divorce is unique, as is each divorcing individual. So what particular mistakes or missteps a given divorcing individual might be particularly prone to, and want to take extra care to make sure they avoid, can vary from person to person. So, when an individual is getting a divorce, such as a same-sex divorce, getting legal advice well-tailored to their situation when it comes to what to do, and what not to do, in their divorce can be key.

Our law firm is committed to giving our divorce clients the guidance and information they need to tackle the specific divorce issues their case raises.