The marriage may have ended, but the arguing can continue

Posted by Lauren S. CohenDec 14, 20160 Comments

Along with the marriage, there are many things a divorce generally ends for a couple. However, there are certain things that can continue for a couple long after they divorce. One is arguing. As an article from the Huffington Post noted, significant arguing between spouses can continue for years after a divorce and in some cases may even intensify from the level it was at when they were married.

Why does it matter how much arguing a couple does after they divorce? Well, in addition to having emotional implications, lots of fighting between ex-spouses can have some major effects on the ability of the couple to work together. This matters because there are a wide range of important interactions ex-spouses can have with each other after a divorce, such as interactions related to their kids. When ex-spouses are constantly fighting, it could make these interactions more difficult. It could also increase the chances of major legal battles coming out of such interactions.

So, the possibility of arguments with the ex flaring up after the divorce can be an important thing for a person to keep in mind when in divorce proceedings and negotiations. There are things that can be done within the agreements formed in a divorce to try to address this possibility.

For example, making sure such agreements properly address the key issues in their divorce could help a couple with eliminating potential areas of confusion that could become flare-up points for arguments in the future. Also, such agreements could put mechanisms in place, such as conflict resolution plans, setting out what the ex-spouses are to do if they get into disagreements on key issues in the future.

Lawyers can advise individuals on what things they can do in divorce proceedings and negotiations to address concerns they have about things like post-divorce fighting with their ex.