Children of divorce and medical care

Posted by Lauren S. CohenDec 02, 20160 Comments

Many things can have big impacts on a child during and after a divorce of their parents. Among these is their medical care.

One medical-care-related factor that can have such impacts is how well medical issues they are dealing with are addressed after the divorce. A child could end up getting harmed quite a bit when things connected to a divorce and its aftermath end up getting in the way of their medical needs being met. So, ensuring their child's specific medical needs continue to be met can be a very important focus area for parents when getting divorced.

Another medical-care-related thing that could affect a child when their parents get divorced are their visits with a pediatrician. A recent American Academy of Pediatrics report points to pediatricians having the potential to play a positive role when it comes to promoting a child's ability to cope with the divorce and the emotional struggles it can raise.

Examples of the things the report suggested such doctors could do to play this kind of helpful role include:

  • Giving the child appropriate advice in regards to their emotional reaction to the divorce.
  • Pointing parents towards resources that could help their child when appropriate.
  • Giving guidance to parents when it comes to their child's divorce reactions.
  • Promoting open discussion among parents when it comes to issues regarding the child's emotional health.

Given how impactful medical-care-related matters can be for a child following a divorce of their parents, issues related to such care could end up being big ones for divorcing parents in divorce matters like child custody and child support. When it comes to divorce issues that touch on matters regarding their child's medical care, skilled attorneys can assist parents with their efforts to protect their child's overall interests.

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