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What is nesting?

There are many concerns a person may have about the family home when getting divorced. If they have kids, one area of concern they might have is how what happens with the family home will impact the children. A desire to maintain stability for the kids when it comes to living situation is one of the things leading some divorcing parents to a new trend regarding the family home and the kids. This trend is called nesting.

Nesting is an arrangement in which, after parents split up, the kids live in the family home full-time and the parents switch off living with them in the home. Under such an arrangement, a parent would spend part of their time living in the family home with the kids and the other part (when their ex is living with the kids) in another location (such as the home of a friend or family member, their own apartment or an apartment they share with their ex). So, it’s the parents, rather than the kids, who end up moving back and forth in this arrangement.

Along with providing greater stability for the kids, another goal parents might have for nesting is giving themselves more time to figure out what to do with the family home in the long run.

The nesting approach does have its critics, including a fair number of therapists. Among the criticisms leveled against the approach are that it:

  • Might actually make things harder for the kids.
  • Could make it more difficult for the parents to move on with their lives after the divorce.
  • Could deprive divorcing parents of much-needed privacy.
  • Could lead to added potential conflict points between the parents, possibly exposing the kids to more parental conflict.

What do you think of the idea of nesting? Do you think it will continue to gain ground as a co-parenting trend?

As the nesting trend indicates, sometimes, some of the major issues in a divorce (like child custody and property division issues regarding a family home) can become pretty intertwined. Such intertwining can lead to some complicated legal matters. This is among the reasons why divorces can be such complex things, even when they are relatively amicable. Good legal advice can be a key thing for a parent to have when navigating the particular complexities of their divorce.

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