Unique arrangements regarding the kids following a split

Posted by Lauren S. CohenAug 10, 20160 Comments

When a couple with kids splits, one thing that will be a big part of their and their kids' future is what type of arrangement they settle in on regarding where the kids will live and when each of the two parents will spend time with the kids. When coming up with such an arrangement, it is critical for parents to focus on what is best for their kids.

Now, what particular arrangement would be in a child's best interests can vary from one family situation to another. Every family's situation is unique. So, some divorced/separated couples, in their efforts to serve their child's best interests, opt for a living arrangement regarding the kids that is outside-the-box and quite different from the more typical arrangements out there.

This is illustrated by a recent Washington Post article written by a woman who is legally separated from her husband. In the article, the woman describes and discusses the unique post-split arrangement her family reached regarding their kids' living situation. In their arrangement, the kids live with the writer and, over the weekends, her estranged husband (who during the week lives in a different state) lives at her house to spend time with the kids.

Now, out-of-the-ordinary arrangements regarding the children after a split can have their challenges. They can present unique emotional difficulties for both the parents and the kids, as the writer of the above-mentioned article noted in her discussion of her experiences with the unique arrangement her family has.

Also, there can be logistical and practical challenges related to outside-the-box arrangements. When there is a lack of clarity and uncertainty when it comes to the more challenging aspects of an arrangement, it could lead to disputes between the parents. This is why, when going out-of-the-ordinary when It comes to the kids' living situation and time with parents in the wake of a divorce or separation, among the things parents here in New York may want to have in place are clear rules and expectations. One thing that could help with setting up such rules and expectations is putting them into a child custody agreement. So, a detailed and well-tailored child custody agreement can not only be important when it comes to more traditional post-divorce arrangements for the kids, but also out-of-the-ordinary ones.