Divorce and regrets

Posted by Lauren S. CohenJul 27, 20160 Comments

In the wake of an event that changes one's life in fundamental ways, a person may feel some regrets. One event that can be particularly life-changing is a divorce.

A regret that one might assume is fairly common among individuals who have gotten divorced is a regret of having gotten married in the first place. However, such a regret may be far less prevalent than one might expect. Research indicates that such a regret may be something that well under half of divorced individuals have. In one study, only 39 percent of the around 900 divorced individuals who were the study's subjects indicated they had regrets regarding having gotten married.

Why is such a regret not more common? There could be many possible contributors to this. One thing that might be a factor is that research points to people tending to, in the long-term, not be as regretful about actions that they did take as they are about having missed opportunities through having failed to take action.

Now, in a divorce, there are several areas where there can be the potential for regrets to arise. How divorce proceedings end up going can have many long-term effects. So, it is possible for a person to feel regrets about the things they did, or didn't do, during divorce proceedings, like proceedings related to property division or child custody.

What can a divorcing individual do to try to help prevent making decisions they might end up regretting during their divorce? One is to make sure to be well-prepared and well-informed when making decisions in divorce proceedings, so they understand what implications the decisions could have in the long run. Divorcing individuals may find an experienced divorce lawyer's guidance helpful when it comes to being properly prepared for and getting the right information during their divorce proceedings.

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