Overlooking issues can have big impacts, in marriage and divorce

Posted by Lauren S. CohenJun 30, 20160 Comments

When it comes to keeping a marriage healthy, addressing the big and obvious things, such as concerns over fidelity or finances, is not the only thing that is important. This is because a marital issue doesn't have to be an obvious one to have the potential to greatly impact, and possibly even eventually destroy, a marital relationship.

There are various things that can be damaging to a marriage that are a bit more under the societal radar, and thus that couples could possibly be more prone to overlook. A recent Huffington Post article identified the following as being among the most overlooked potential marriage damagers:

  • Hanging onto resentment.
  • There being big differences between the two members of the couple, and the members not acknowledging these differences or factoring them in when it comes to how they act around each other.
  • Never fighting (when a couple never fights, it could mean they are failing to address various issues and differences of opinion between them, which could result in these issues/differences shifting into bigger problems).
  • Members of a couple misreading the meaning of the way they feel when they are apart.
  • Not connecting and engaging with each other when they are around each other.
  • Letting in-laws play too big of a role in the marital relationship.

When a couple overlooks a marital issue that is damaging their marriage and fails to address it, the issue could lead to the marriage breaking down, perhaps permanently. So, when working to properly address marital issues, it is important for couples to not ignore the less obvious issues.

Overlooking issues can not only be damaging in a marital relationship, it can also be damaging in a divorce. Specifically, if a person, when going through a divorce, only focuses on the biggest and flashiest issues in the divorce, they could end up missing giving some very important, albeit more under-the-radar, details and matters (such as less obvious property division and financial issues) the attention they deserve. This could greatly disadvantage a person when it comes to these details and matters. Skilled attorneys can help individuals with identifying what issues need to be addressed in their divorce and with developing approaches for handling these issues.