Divorced parents and summer scheduling concerns

Posted by Lauren S. CohenJun 15, 20160 Comments

For parents, one thing that can be a source of stress and issues are matters regarding their kids' schedules. Kids' schedules can be quite packed and full of moving pieces. So, there are a range of challenges that could come up for parents when it comes to scheduling matters.

Scheduling regarding the kids can be a particularly delicate issue for divorced parents. Divorced parents may have various concerns about how such matters will impact things like how much time they get with the kids and their ability to form good relationships with their kids. Given that issues involving the kids' schedules are ones that divorcing parents can have considerable concerns/anxieties about, such issues are among the things that have the potential to give rise to significant disputes between divorced parents.

Certain times of the year can raise special scheduling issues when it comes to the kids. One of these times is the summer, as this time of year can bring about a range of changes and unique situations in a child's schedule, such as:

  • The child no longer being in school.
  • The child being in new activities like summer camps.
  • Summer vacations or trips.

Given the changes in the kids' schedule it can trigger, summer can be a time that can raise particular risks of divorced parents butting heads when it comes to scheduling. Now, there are things divorced parents can do to try to reduce the chances of disputes coming up during the summer in relation to the kids' schedules. Such things include forming clear agreements with their ex when it comes to special summer schedule issues and having clear communication with their ex regarding summer scheduling matters. Such steps may be able to help summers go more smoothly for divorced parents when it comes to scheduling related to the kids.

Experienced family law attorneys understand how major of an issue scheduling matters regarding the kids can be for divorced parents. Such attorneys can help divorced parents with addressing complex scheduling issues in proceedings involving the initial setting up of a child custody arrangement. They can also give guidance to divorced parents who have encountered major disputes with their ex over scheduling matters after a custody arrangement has been established.

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