Staying focused on the kids’ rights in a divorce

Posted by Lauren S. CohenMay 18, 20160 Comments

As with any legal matter, when going through a divorce, safeguarding one's own rights is important. However, when a divorcing individual is a parent, their own rights are not the only ones it is critical for them to keep protected. Their children's rights should also be protected.

The idea of children's rights in parental divorces goes beyond formal legal rights. Divorce changes some incredibly fundamental things for a family. In the midst of these major changes, a child can be in an incredibly vulnerable position emotionally.

Now, given divorce's very impactful nature, keeping a divorce from having any effects on the kids is generally not a reasonable possibility. However, there are certain types of parental conduct that can be particularly tough on a kid and their relationships with their parents during a divorce and that kids shouldn't have to face. The broad idea of children's divorce-related rights is aimed at keeping children from being exposed this type of conduct, whether the conduct be intentional or inadvertent.

An outline of some of the key rights it can be important for divorcing parents to be respectful of when it comes to their kids can be seen on this page of our website.

How protected these rights are in a divorce can not only be affected by how parents act in relation to issues in the divorce that directly touch on the kids, like child custody, but also how they act in relation to other issues in the divorce and in their everyday life.

Now, divorce is generally a tumultuous time for parents too. There are all kinds of details and matters a divorce can involve. In the midst of all these matters and the stress connected to them, well-meaning parents could, if they are not keeping close attention to the rights of the children, easily end up inadvertently missing important aspects of protecting their kids' rights. So, divorcing parents staying properly focused on their kids' rights during the divorce process is very important.

Our firm puts a high priority on protecting kids and their rights in our divorce services. We can help divorcing parents here in New York get information/resources on important things to keep in mind regarding the kids in a divorce and provide guidance to parents on keeping a child's rights protected during the course of a divorce and its proceedings.