Does society need to be more aware of parental alienation?

Posted by Lauren S. CohenFeb 10, 20160 Comments

After a divorce, many things can impact the quality of the relationship between a parent and their child. One such thing are the actions of the other parent. The things a person does or says regarding their ex around their kids can impact their kids' views, opinions and feelings. One would hope divorcing parents would make sure to not use their ability to influence their children to engage in parental alienation against their ex.

Parental alienation is when a parent engages in conduct that weakens or is aimed at weakening the relationship their children have with the other parent. Such a weakening can have serious short-term and long-term repercussions for both the children and the victim parent. Parents who are victims of parental alienation may have legal actions they can take to respond to the alienation, depending on the circumstances.

Parental alienation is the focus of research that is being done by a pair of professors in Colorado. The professors believe that parental alienation is a fairly common issue. They have also expressed a view that, despite this prevalence, the issue remains under-addressed by society. Things they pointed to as being important in moving in the right direction when it comes to addressing parental alienation include increased awareness of the issue of parental alienation and its impacts and people recognizing parental alienation as a serious societal problem.

How widespread do you think awareness of the issue of parental alienation is here in New York? What would you like to see happen regarding this issue in the state?

Source: Coloradoan, “CSU profs study issues between divorced parents and kids,” Ellie Mulder, Jan. 19, 2016