Jobs, marriage and work-life balance

Posted by Lauren S. CohenJan 07, 20160 Comments

Many things have the potential to impact the strength of a marital relationship. One is how good of a work-life balance the members of a married couple have in relation to their jobs. A poor work-life balance could increase stress within a marriage. Too much stress within a marriage can damage a marital relationship, sometimes even to the point where it breaks down entirely.

Maintaining a good work-life balance can be more difficult in some jobs than others. A recent article on the Huffington Post's website gave a list of jobs that tend to be the worst for work-life balance and a list of jobs that tend to be the best for such balance. On the worst work-life balance list were: commercial airline pilots, firefighters, general and operations managers, journalists, lawyers, massage therapists, registered nurses, stock brokers, surgeons and top business executives. On the best work-life balance list were: civil engineers, data scientists, dieticians, elementary school teachers, graphic designers, hairstylists, human resources managers, social media managers, software developers and web developers. 

Now, this does not mean that a good work-life balance is impossible in the jobs on the first list or a sure thing in the jobs on the second list. Rather the message to take from these lists is that different jobs have different types of work-life balance concerns and what it takes to have a good work-life balance can vary considerably from job to job.

This is among the many reasons why what kind of job a person has can impact what sorts of concerns could come up for them when it comes to maintaining a strong marital relationship.

What kind of job a married individual has can also affect what sorts of concerns would arise for them if they ended up getting divorced. What job a divorcing individual is in can have impacts in financial matters in a divorce, such as by impacting what types of property were acquired during the marriage and what types of property in the marital estate are most important for the person professionally. It can also impact child-related matters in a divorce, as a person's work schedule can affect what kinds of concerns they have regarding the scheduling of custody/visitation time.