Good guidance important in same-sex family law cases

Posted by Lauren S. CohenJan 14, 20160 Comments

Family law can change significantly over time. One area of family law where there have been all sorts of changes over the past several years here in the U.S. is same-sex family law. 

As a result of these changes, same-sex couples have gained access to family law options that were previously unavailable to them, such as the ability to get married and divorced in their home state. 

Thus, from a legal perspective, things are quite different for U.S. same-sex couples now than they were just a couple of decades ago. However, this does not mean that the value of getting quality legal advice and support has gone down for same-sex couples facing family law issues.

While legal changes have moved same-sex couples towards having more-or-less equal legal footing to heterosexual couples when it comes to family law matters here in the U.S., nuanced issues can still come up for same-sex couples in relation to such matters. Finding the right way to approach these issues can be vital for a same-sex partner who is pursuing a divorce or involved in some other type of family law matter. Thus, having the help of an attorney who has a firm understanding of these kinds of issues can be important in same-sex divorces and other same-sex family law cases.  

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