Does divorce really deserve the ‘bad rap’ some people give it?

Posted by Lauren S. CohenNov 25, 20150 Comments

The divorces that the media chooses to publicize often involve contentious battles and celebrity feuds. Why? Drama sells. Bitter property battles over million-dollar marital estates or child custody that drag on for weeks or months are gifts that keep on giving for a divorce blogger or columnist.

Let us be honest. Writing a story about an average person from Johnson City, New York, who filed for divorce and finalized the settlement reasonably quick and without a fight won't get much attention. Divorce gets a “bad rap” as a result, but is it warranted?

According to a study, most divorces across the country end either amicably or cordially. The survey ranked the overall mood of divorces in each state, analyzing online statements about their divorce from couples going through a divorce.

Only 10 states fell into the “disagreeable” category. New York landed right in the middle of the “cordial” divorce states, ranked number 31 for the most agreeable divorces.

The truth is that you have much more control over your own divorce than you might think. You and your spouse may not agree on everything, but if you agree to work together, you can make the process of dividing assets and determining custody much easier than you might think possible.

At the office of Lauren S. Cohen, Attorney at Law, we listen to our clients. We take the time to understand what they want and help them understand the process before we begin to strategize. We do what is best for our clients. If litigation is best, we are more than ready, but we never push clients down that path to make an extra buck.

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