Avoiding divorce-related mistakes that could hurt the kids

Posted by Lauren S. CohenOct 13, 20150 Comments

Divorce can be a very delicate time in which mistakes, whether they be on the legal front or other fronts, can have some very damaging impacts. When a divorcing individual makes a mistake in connection to their divorce, their interests could end up being significantly hurt. Divorce-related mistakes can also sometimes be very detrimental to a divorcing individual's children.

Unfortunately, there are many different mistakes that could potentially be made during a divorce that could negatively affect a divorcing couple's children. It is remarkably important for divorcing parents to do what they can to avoid such mistakes.

One class of divorce-related mistake that could potentially hurt a divorcing couple's children are child-custody-related mistakes. Mistakes made during child custody proceedings or negotiations could get in the way of the best-suited child custody arrangement for a family's situation being reached. Getting the right child custody arrangement in place can play a very important role in ensuring a child's best interests are being properly protected. Child custody attorneys can assist divorcing individuals with identifying potential child-custody-related pitfalls and avoiding common child-custody-related mistakes.

Another kind of mistake a divorcing individual could make that could have negative impacts on their children are mistakes in their interactions with their children during and after the divorce. Examples of such mistakes include: being too emotionally needy towards their children, making the children pick sides in the divorce, trying to use the children as spies or weapons against the other parent, letting guilt about the divorce lead to overindulgence towards the children and treating the children as adults rather than kids when discussing the divorce and its effects with them. These mistakes and similar ones could potentially compromise the kids' ability to deal with the divorce and the changes it brings about in a healthy way. Thus, carelessness when it comes to interactions with the kids is something it is very important for divorcing parents to stay away from.

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