Post-divorce conflicts and the kids

Posted by Lauren S. CohenMay 13, 20150 Comments

It is not uncommon for there to be conflict between divorced parties after their divorce. This is not that surprising, given how emotional of an experience a divorce and the events surrounding it can be.

Post-divorce conflicts with an ex can raise some special concerns though for divorced parents. Specifically, such parents may be concerned about how the conflict is affecting the kids. Post-divorce conflicts between parents, particularly if they get out of control, can have the potential to have some negative impacts on the parents' kids. 

There are things divorced parents can do to try to shield their kids from such negative impacts. One is to be mindful of the kids when in post-divorce conflicts with one's ex and to take steps to try to minimize the effects the conflicts could have on the kids, such as being careful about what one says around the kids and how one acts around the kids when in conflict with one's ex and working hard to find positive ways to resolve such conflict.

Another thing divorcing/divorced parents can do is to try to lower the likelihood of post-divorce parental conflict regarding the kids as much as possible. Careful tailoring of the child custody arrangement regarding the kids is one of the things that may be able to help with this. Carefully taking into account how conflict-prone they are can sometimes give divorcing parents insights on what sorts of child-custody-agreement terms might be best-suited to helping prevent future conflicts on custody-related matters. Divorce attorneys can help divorcing parents with tailoring child custody arrangements to take into account the various goals they have regarding their children's well-being, including conflict avoidance. 

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