Legal concerns for divorced parents when it comes to vacations

Posted by Lauren S. CohenMay 27, 20150 Comments

Summer is just about upon us. For many parents here in New York, one thing summer involves is taking the kids on vacation.

For any parent, there are many important things to keep in mind when planning a family vacation. When a parent is divorced, there are some additional things to keep in mind on top of the usual things. This is because some special concerns can arise for a divorced parent when it comes to vacationing with the kids. 

Today, we will focus on one class of such special concerns: legal concerns.

One thing that can raise some vacation-related legal concerns for a divorced parent is the child custody arrangement that the parent has with their ex-spouse. Such an arrangement may have a variety of different terms regarding taking the kids on trips in it, such as terms regarding giving notice for such trips and terms regarding giving their ex-spouse phone or electronic communication time with the kids. Running afoul of such terms in relation to a trip could cause considerable unrest between a person and their ex-spouse and could have significant legal ramifications.

Thus, when planning a vacation that will be taken with the kids, it can be important for a divorced parent to know what the child custody arrangement regarding their kids requires them to do in regards to such trips and to take care to comply with all such requirements. Family law attorneys can help divorced parents who have questions or are confused about what their child custody arrangement requires when it comes to vacations with the kids. 

Another legal concern that can arise for a divorced parent when it comes to going on vacation with the kids is making sure to have the right legal documents. The fact that their kids have divorced parents can impact what sort of documents regarding the kids a divorced parent needs to have with them when taking a trip with the kids. This is another area that family law attorneys can help answer questions about. 

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