Minor children, adult children and divorce

Posted by Lauren S. CohenApr 29, 20150 Comments

Some couples who get divorced have children. Sometimes, a divorcing couple's children are still minors. Other times, they are well into adulthood. While the types of child-related divorce issues that can arise for parents can vary quite a bit depending on how old their children are, it can be important for divorcing parents who have kids of any age to keep the kids in mind during the divorce process.

For divorcing parents with minor children, one thing that will generally be an important focus area regarding the kids during the divorce are the legal issues of child custody and child support, as these legal issues can have major implications for minor children and their parents.

Now, when a divorcing couple's kids are all adults, the issues of child custody and child support will, generally, not be present in the divorce. This does not, however, mean that divorcing parents with adult children will never need to think about the kids when it comes to the formal proceedings in their divorce.

For one, sometimes. special issues will arise in a divorce if an adult child a couple has suffers from a disability.

Also, in some cases, a divorcing parent with adult children may want to keep the kids in mind when it comes to financial matters in the divorce. Some parents continue to provide financial support to their kids after the kids have become adults. What sort of financial situation a financial settlement in a divorce leaves a divorced parent who desires to provide financial support to their adult children in can impact how feasible it will be for them to provide such support. Thus, a divorcing parent may want to take any long-term goals they having regarding providing support to adult children into account when they are dealing with financial issues in their divorce.

Consequently, when a divorcing individual has kids, regardless of how old the kids are, one thing they may want to do is talk with a divorce attorney about child-related divorce issues. Divorce attorneys can help divorcing parents get an idea of what child-related things they may want to keep in mind during divorce proceedings given their children's ages and the other specifics of their family situation.

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