Disputes already appear to be arising in Chris Rock’s divorce

Posted by Lauren S. CohenJan 08, 20150 Comments

Disputes regarding the kids can come up pretty quickly in a divorce. This can be seen in the recently started divorce case of actor and comedian Chris Rock. 

Rock filed for a divorce last month. In the filing, Rock said he and his wife separated at least six months earlier.  

In the filing, he also leveled some allegations against his wife regarding the couple's two daughters, who are 10 and 12. He claims that his wife has been preventing him from being with the girls and that the girls' best interests are being harmed by her current actions. A representative of Rock's wife has denied these allegations. One wonders what will ultimately happen in Rock's divorce case in regards to these allegations.

One also wonders what sort of child custody arrangement this divorce case will ultimately yield. Rock is asking for joint custody of the girls.

A divorcing parent may have all sorts of worries and concerns regarding the kids as he or she is entering the divorce process. Some of these regard things of a more short-term nature, like what will happen regarding the kids while the divorce proceedings are occurring. Others regard more long-term things, like what sort of custody/visitation arrangement will ultimately come out of the divorce.

Thus, it can be quite easy for a parent to feel intimidated and overwhelmed when it comes to legal issues regarding the kids in a divorce. Child custody attorneys can give advice and guidance to divorcing parents when it comes to these sometimes complex and difficult issues and help them try to find resolutions to such issues that give due regard to their parental rights and protect their children's best interests. 

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