When a custody setup no longer serves a child’s best interests

Posted by Lauren S. CohenNov 12, 20140 Comments

Child custody arrangements are supposed to be based on what is in a child's best interests. Thus, one could imagine how deeply troubling it would be for a parent, after a child custody arrangement has been put in place, to make a discovery that indicates that the previously reached child custody arrangement might actually now be harmful to their child's well-being.

Such discoveries could include things such as noticing signs that there are significant troubles at the other parent's home or signs that the other parent may be acting in a neglectful or abusive manner towards the child. When a parent makes such a discovery, one of the first questions they will likely have is: what can I do to protect my child's well-being?

One option parents in such a situation may have is to request a child custody modification. Courts here in New York are allowed to modify previously reached child custody arrangements under certain circumstances.

Our firm understands how scary it can be for a parent when concerns arise regarding their children's well-being under a current child custody arrangement, and thus how important it is for such parents to get caring and knowledgeable guidance when they are considering whether to pursue a child custody modification in relation to such concerns. We can help parents who have such concerns look into the possibility of pursuing such a modification and guide parents who decide to pursue such a modification through the various procedures of requesting a change to a child custody arrangement.