Older couples, bad marriages and heart problem risks

Posted by Lauren S. CohenNov 26, 20140 Comments

Being in a bad marriage can affect a person quite deeply. The stress of such a situation can be truly overwhelming.

A recent study indicates that being in a bad marriage can pose some special concerns for older individuals. Specifically, the study indicates that being in a bad marriage could be bad for an older individual's heart, literally.

In the study, researchers analyzed marriage survey and heart health data regarding some 1,000 married individuals between the ages of 57 and 85.

The study found that the individuals who were in a bad marriage had a higher risk of developing heart problems. The study further found that, generally, the older a person who is in a bad marriage is, the bigger their increase in heart problem risk is.

It is very important to not underestimate how damaging being in a bad marriage can be. One thing that may be able to help a person, whether they are old or young, get out of a bad marriage and get a new start to their life is a divorce. 

When a marriage of an older couple breaks down and the couple decides to get a divorce, there are several things that need to be figured out. One is who will receive what in the division of the marital estate. Certain assets, such as retirement accounts, can be particularly impactful ones in property divisions among older divorcing couples. Attorneys can help older individuals who are going through a divorce with the property division issues specific to their situation. 

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