Reaching child custody arrangements that are best for a child

Posted by Lauren S. CohenAug 25, 20140 Comments

Determining what the child custody arrangement will be is one of the major courses of business that comes up when parents with minor children divorce. One of the primary goals of child custody arrangements should be to put a system in place that promotes a child's best interests. Given how precious a child is to their parents, it is of little surprise that a parent will generally have a very specific idea of what is in their child's best interests. The views of two divorcing parents on this matter do not always match.

Sometimes, through negotiation, divorcing parents are able to hammer out a child custody compromise that takes into account aspects of their two separate views on what is best for their child.

Sadly though, there are times when two parents' views on what would serve their child's best interests are so different that a compromise can't be reached. When this happens, the decision of what child custody arrangement will be put in place goes to a court. A court will make its own determination regarding what is in a child's best interests when making this decision.

This illustrates two of the major ways that custody arrangements are reached here in New York: through negotiated settlements and through court decisions. While these two routes are very different ones, one thing they have in common is that, in both, a parent may find the representation of an experienced child custody attorney to be of help.

The law firm of Lauren S. Cohen, Attorney at Law has a diverse skill set and can represent clients in child custody matters whether they be in child custody negotiations or child custody litigation. The firm can help with the unique challenges that each of these two routes can present.

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