Child custody terms can cover many things

Posted by Lauren S. CohenJul 07, 20140 Comments

Recently, the divorce between celebrities Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony became official. The former couple has two minor children (6-year-old twins) and the terms of the divorce contain many terms regarding child custody. The terms illustrate how child custody arrangements can touch on many things.

One of the main things child custody arrangements generally involve is what the typical physical custody/visitation situation will be regarding a child. Under the terms of their divorce, Lopez receives primary physical custody of the children while Anthony gets to spend seven days per month with them.

Sometimes, a child custody arrangement will also put certain requirements in place when it comes to one of the parent's time with the kids. The child custody arrangement in the Lopez/Anthony divorce contains such a restriction: nanny-supervision is required during Anthony's time with the children.

Holidays often give rise to special child custody concerns that the rest of the year simply doesn't. Consequently, parents will often want child custody arrangements to contain special terms regarding holidays. One of the holiday-related custody terms in the Lopez/Anthony divorce is that Lopez and Anthony each get to take the children on a separate trick-or-treat excursion for Halloween.

Divorcing parents may also have some special circumstances that they would like to have custody terms address. In the divorce of Anthony and Lopez, custody terms were included addressing some custody concerns that arise given their status as celebrities. Specifically, there are terms requiring both Lopez and Anthony to take “best efforts” to protect their children from unwanted publicity (such as the paparazzi).

As can be seen, child custody terms can cover a vast range of things. Thus, divorcing parents may have many questions regarding what sorts of terms they should be seeking when trying to reach a child custody arrangement. Divorce attorneys can analyze a divorcing parent's situation and give them an idea of what sorts of custody terms it may be wise for them to pursue.

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