Former NBA player’s 29-year marriage coming to an end

Posted by Lauren S. CohenMar 20, 20140 Comments

The NBA fans among our readers may recognize the name Byron Scott. Scott played in the NBA for many years, with the majority of his playing career being spent with the Los Angeles Lakers. He won three NBA championships with the Lakers. He has also served as an NBA head coach.

TMZ recently reported that Scott and his wife of 29 years are getting divorced. The couple separated last June and, last week, Scott filed a divorce petition.

All three of the children that Scott and his wife have are adults. Thus, child custody issues won't be arising in relation to this case.

One area where there does seem to be the potential for major issues to arise in this divorce is the area of property division. Given that their marriage went for nearly three decades, it seems likely that Scott and his wife have a fair amount of marital property. A general definition of marital property is property that was obtained during a marriage and which, under the rules of the applicable jurisdiction, is eligible for division in a divorce. One wonders what will happen in regards to the division of marital property in the divorce of Scott and his wife.

There are many different complicated issues that can arise when it comes to how marital property will be divided in a divorce. Divorce attorneys can answer questions individuals who are in divorce proceedings in New York have about the property division process and can provide such individuals with assistance when it comes to the various issues that can come up during this process.

Source: TMZ, “Byron Scott – NBA Champ Files For Divorce … After 29 Year Marriage,” March 19, 2014