Settlement reached in celebrity same-sex divorce

Posted by Lauren S. CohenJan 09, 20140 Comments

New York is one of the states in which same-sex marriages and same-sex divorces are legal. As is the case with any divorce, issues regarding property and finances, such as alimony and division of property, can come up in relation to same-sex divorces. Such issues are sometimes dealt with through settlements. What terms a divorce settlement ultimately ends up containing can have substantial effects on both of the parties in a divorce. Thus, having experienced representation can be important in same-sex divorce settlement negotiations.

Recently, some settlement news has arisen regarding a celebrity same-sex divorce case. The case involves actress Jane Lynch. Last year, Lynch filed for a divorce from her wife. Irreconcilable differences were cited in the divorce petition.

According to an article on the Huffington Post's website, the divorce has been a fairly amicable one. Recently, Lynch and her wife reached a settlement in the divorce.

One of the things that Lynch's wife had been asking for in the divorce were monthly alimony payments of $93,000. She was not granted this in the settlement. The Huffington Post article did not have any details regarding what Lynch's wife did get in the settlement.

The article did have details, however, on one of the things that the settlement granted to Lynch. Under the settlement, possession of the couple's home (which was bought by Lynch) will remain with Lynch. As this shows, one of the issues that divorce settlements sometimes deal with is who gets possession of a certain piece of real estate.

Source: Huffington Post, “Jane Lynch Finalizes Divorce From Wife Lara Embry,” April Sperry, Jan. 8, 2014