New York Giants player accused of failing to pay child support

Posted by Lauren S. CohenDec 23, 20130 Comments

Many individuals here in New York saw yesterday's game between the New York Giants and the Detroit Lions. One of the players for the Giants who made a major play in this game recently became embroiled in a child support matter.

The player in question is Will Hill. His position is safety. Hill made an interception during the fourth quarter of yesterday's game and scored a touchdown off of this interception. The touchdown (and the extra point that followed) brought the game's score to a tie. No further scores were made in regulation and the game went into overtime. The Giants ended up winning the game.

According to, a couple of days prior to the game, authorities in New Jersey arrested Hill. The arrest was for failing to make child support payments. did not have any details regarding how much Hill was alleged to owe in back-due child support. The Giants have opted to not take any punitive action against Hill in relation to the arrest.

Generally, when parents of a child get divorced or separated, the parent who is not the primary custodial parent is ordered to make child support payments. There are certain mechanisms under which the amount of a child support order can be changed. For example, if a person who has been ordered to make child support payments experiences a change in circumstances that compromises their ability to make the payments in the amount ordered, they may be able to request a child support modification.

If a person who is experiencing struggles making child support decides to simply stop making payments rather than trying to work through the available legal mechanisms, they can face dire consequences. As the child support matter involving Hill illustrates, being accused of failing to make child support payments can lead to a person being arrested.

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