Wife of ‘7th Heaven’ actor asking for millions in divorce

Posted by Lauren S. CohenOct 31, 20130 Comments

It appears that property division will be a significant issue in the divorce of actor Stephen Collins. The role that many people here in New York will know Collins from is the role of the father on the television series “7th Heaven.”

Last year, Collins submitted a petition for a divorce. Prior to the filing, Collins and his wife had been married for 27 years.

Recently, TMZ reported on some requests that Collins' wife has made in the divorce proceedings. One request she has made is a request for spousal support. She says that she got accustomed to a certain lifestyle during her marriage with Collins and that she now has no income while Collins' income is quite large.

She has also made some requests regarding property division. She is asking that she be given half of the worth of a couple of California properties. She also has asked to be given half of the assets in a certain bank account. The account purportedly has around $6 million in it.

Many complex and important questions can come up in relation to property division in a divorce. A few examples include:

  • What property qualifies as marital property?
  • How much are the different assets that are subject to division worth?
  • How should pieces of personal property (such as furniture, keepsakes, collectibles, etc.) be split between the two parties?

A divorce attorney can help a person with the complexities of property division and can serve as an advocate for a person's interests in property division negotiations and proceedings. Thus, when it comes to property division in a divorce, having an experienced divorce attorney in one's camp can be important.

Source: TMZ, “‘7th Heaven' Star's Wife – I Want My Half,” Oct. 27, 2013